//The artisan and the dough: attention, experience and technical know-how

The artisan and the dough: attention, experience and technical know-how

It takes about 50 seconds or just a few seconds more to finish with the cooking in the oven the long process you need to terminate a Neapolitan pizza.
You start by choosing the food raw material and go on by preparing a dough that in our case rises for 20 ours. We select and mix our flour blend, work the dough by a precise technique, think about the hydration and we are beware of reaching the right dough texture.

It is a work for which you need concentration, experience and technical know-how. It’s a hand-crafted working process that ends up in the moment just before putting the pizza in the oven for cooking.

The dough balls have to be kneaded by the pizza maker in order to become a pizza and in this moment you’ll see the competence of the artisan, who carries out the same gestures a hundred times a day and who knows that he has to be careful and pay attention, because the dough has to be treated with the right attention as it is alive.
The dough is delicate and during the process of pizza shaping you have to pay very much attention of how to work the dough. This is very important for those pizza makers like us that use a very soft and high-hydration dough.

Our father taught us that the process of pizza shaping is a crucial moment and only if you have enough experience and treat the dough with gentleness concentrating all movements in a few gestures you will do a good job.

In that moment a pizza maker with few experience may compromise the final result, if he works the dough violently or if he sprinkles too much flour on it, so that it loses its softness and the aroma of a good Neapolitan pizza.

It is the moment in which the pizza maker has the task to enhance the main characteristics of a good dough. In some very rare cases it’s been the hands of the pizza maker that succeeded in recovering a dough that almost had been lost because it had reached the limit of being worked. Only experience and the knowledge of the chemical aspects of a dough paired with love and respect of the job of a pizza maker will lead to the best result.
It is very easy to ruin in that moment the whole work. A great dough can lead to the worst results if given to the wrong person. In our pizzeria we pay attention to all single working steps. Our team is trained to monitor every single working step in order to guarantee a high quality product. That’s what our customers expect from us.

Francesco e Salvatore Salvo