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The new wine list and a lot of news

It’ll be a spring full of news for our loyal customers. Today there’s our new wine list. We already told you about many Champagne labels that have been added in order to increase an already important list. Now we are doing the same with international wine labels to make you enjoy the research of pairing wine with pizza. With the same care we use to choose the ingredients of our pizzas we chose the labels of our wine list. Together with Pasquale Brillante we created an interesting proposal of French wines: Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Côtes du Rousillon, Provence, Rhône Valley and the sparkling wines from the Loire and Alsace Region. Then there are wines from Spain, Georgia, United States, Chile Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Lebanon. Moreover there is a choice of great white wines from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.

It’s an itinerary across the world that we created to make our guests feel the same we felt when we tasted and chose them for you. Don’t worry, go wild and choose your favorite wines and take a look at our Enomatic, too, because we will periodically change the wines by glass in order to give you the chance to taste them all by glass instead of taking a whole bottle.
This is only one of several news that will arrive in springtime. It’ll be a spring full of surprises!
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